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January — Present. For a small additional fee, we will print up copies on professional, high-weave resume paper and mail you the copies via US Mail.

A scannable resume is an invaluable part of your job searching arsenal because you never know when you'll need one.

IT resumes that tell a straightforward story that connects with both the value to the business and the value to the technical environment, and to team efforts, are memorable. MaryPat Chiavaroli University of Louisville In this job market, a resume needs to be sharp and specific to make it through the vetting process.

When your order is placed you'll receive a confirmation e-mail with a link to upload your existing resume and a consultation preparation guide to help you prepare for your resume branding and strategy call.

Posted on February 3, by Jennifer Hay egestas, rhonecs. In this job market, a resume needs to be sharp and specific to make it through the vetting process. Only recruiters and employers who are actively filling positions are in our database. You helped me achieve it! Marisa Barnes As a consultant who provides a rather unique service, I struggled with how best to present myself and my business to prospective clients. To stay at the forefront of the IT industry, job seekers need to continually reevaluate their career brand.

We work with clients from the geekiest software developers to IT Directors. I have been overwhelmed with the amount of calls and interviews!! Posted on February 7, by Jennifer Hay egestas, rhonecs. The wise employer knows that it is much faster, easier, and cheaper to teach an Oracle developer to work with SQL Server, than to teach a SQL developer about the healthcare industry. Order now and let us partner you with one of our IT resume specialists.

The number of actual HR managers, directors and in house recruiters that contacted me was outstanding. What is a Scannable Resume? March 7, , John was Jessica H. We also have an in depth look at how to write your professional experience section here.

Our Success Rate I calculate the success of the resumes we create based on how many clients secure interviews within 60 days or less.

This is why Resume Genius advocates including a Career Objective section. Jessica interviewed me and listened to me talk for nearly an hour. I am blessed to have a job now and it happened shortly after I began using my new resume. Who is it for? Some older technologies are still widely used today.

More than ever, IT professionals need to have an effective way to stand out I am continually amazed at the positive responses I receive from recruiters and hiring managers. How can you do that? We then leave blanks for you to change the address and recipient's name. So why would you want to make it the primary theme in your resume? This way, you can use our cover letters and follow-up letters every time you send out a resume.

To me, what [Great Resumes Fast] accomplished in such a quick turn-around time is nothing short of miraculous. This formatting allows the text to be sent over all electronic medias, while retaining its margins and tabs. Many corporations and job banks store resumes in large databases. Nothing could be farther from the truth. They are just a polite way of reminding your contact that you're there, and you're still interested in the job.

What is a professional resume? This conflict needs to be resolved in the resume, without misrepresenting the facts. My goal was to achieve an executive level position outside of the normal field I was in for the past 10 years. Your resume needs to appeal to both HR managers and technical hiring managers. It will impact your career. Also notice that in the job description bullet points, some of the sentences repeat some of the information he placed in the Technical Skills section.

The fact that the HR director sought me out and followed me for a long period of time attests to the quality of your resume. They request that you send your resume in the body of an email only. I applied for the position I wanted - when we first spoke - as well as 5 others at my dream company. All you have to do is fill out the form. Consider, for example, a healthcare employer who is seeking a database developer for their claims management systems.

If you only mention technology, your resume will be lost in the crowd. Connecting technical achievements with business value and IT impact. Apply to different jobs and you can reuse this same cover letter for each and every application, saving you hours of time and frustration. There are 3 primary career paths for IT professionals: From this first sentence, the hiring manager would know immediately if the candidate is relevant to the job opening or not. I write extensively about technology resumes and careers.

Career Directors International , a noted career association, found that 3 pages are fine as long as the content is valid. This is acceptable and even encouraged to help beat ATS systems. A detailed look at the entire process plus everything included in the professional resume writing service can be viewed here.

Do I Need a Cover Letter? Also, some corporations and recruiters don't accept file attachments. The following tips will help you to build an IT resume that will net you more interviews and open more doors to job opportunities.

March 9, , Paul was Jessica H. If your resume is not in proper e-resume format, you run the risk of having your formatting show up jumbled. Firstly, they show that this candidate is attentive to efficiency issues and overhead costs, and looks for solutions to related problems. Monitor multiple security systems for a Fortune company Investigate arising incidents caused by malicious activities, and identified false positives Documented security events daily to create a baseline of activity for the client network.

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