Cigarette smoke creative writing

He had grown more used to the heat of the desert after being out in it for the several weeks prior, and the temperature was low on his list of things to be afraid of at the moment anyway.

Copyright - 21 x 20 Media All rights reserved. He pulled yet another revolver out, this one from a shoulder holster under his coat. And no one forced any of those men to play me neither. Kill or be killed? I never l-lost a c-c-card game. Want Me to Review? Smoke swirled down his throat and into his lungs, puffing out his chest in the deepest breath he was capable of, closing his eyes in anticipation of this experience he had been looking forward to for so long.

The smoke caught like a hook in his throat and scratched at the insides of his lungs, and his body suddenly contracted to expel the contaminated air from inside of him. The moisture evaporated quickly from the leg of his jeans, because even in the shade of the saloon the air was sweltering and arid.

Then he relaxed his shoulders as he let the smoke out and Coupe watched as it rose and disappeared into the air. This site is property of 21 x 20 Media. Vampires are people too. Less than an inch lower and the shooter would have hit his target, and Coupe would not be sitting against the saloon wall, loading and preparing for the fight of his life. He was used to the dirt. The following morning I remembered that, before going to bed, I had put the broken cigarette in the drawer of my nightstand.

He leaned over and the Judge slapped his back until the coughing fit was over, then he handed the cigarette back to the Judge. A shotgun leaned against the saloon wall and he took it up into the crook of his arm.

Press ' enter ' or click the to search all of Writing. He becomes a chain-smoker. He had finished loading his revolver and holstered it, then reached for the one on his other hip. Doe A Deer for the Verdant poetry contest September The other night I was walking with a friend.

Susan Orlean The Queer Syllabus: A few hours later, I again felt the craving for a smoke; I pulled out the pack of cigarettes and then it struck me. What more can one want? This time my obsession was beyond control; it steadily intensified as I observed what was taking place on the floor: More than anyone Coupe knew or had known, the Judge was the first he would choose to be beside him in a situation like this one. I remember that I had fully intended to pull out one of the cigarettes, but only barely touched it with my finger.

Halloween Special I was challenged to do a word story, and I hate to disappoint! Archives abound, on the other hand, with groaning files of photographs of this or that celebrated author taking a deep, satisfying drag from pipe, cigar, or cigarette. If given a choice, my tendency has always been, as is only normal, to prefer my cigarettes unbent.

How to Write a Query Letter A list of do's and don'ts of query letter writing along with examples. The Judge did not lie, and rarely joked. Preserve Articles is home of thousands of articles published and preserved by users like you.

He looked down at his hat, which he did not remember laying on the ground beside him, and saw a bullet hole through the crown. But when I reached down to pick it up again, I saw that the cigarette had fallen onto a section of the floor which now was sopping wet. The nightstand bears a special distinction: The gravity of the situation had finally caught up to him, and he realized that he might actually be only minutes from death. Copiers, Printers and More!

It was a long time before I began to think about the spirit of such interactions: He had been so eager to get back to Folsum, but for what? A small smile came to his face while he thought about this stroke of good luck, and he felt a little better about it all. Cigarette advertisements lure people into smoking and most active smokers cause a great deal of harm to passive smokers as well. He sighed in relief, then looked down at the six shooter in his hand, burl wood grip wrapped in his fingers, long, bluish steel barrel resting in his lap.

Certain now that it had deliberately eluded me several times, my obsession returned with redoubled tenacity. The definitive smoker chic look anticipated by Rudyard Kipling two decades before Groucho Marx perfected it with a fine Cuban cigar. His white shirt was stained the reddish color of dirt, and yellow around the collar from sweat. He did not wipe the sweat from his eyes, his hands instead hovered above the burl wood grips of his holstered six shooters, shaking hesitantly.

He coughed again as a tear ran down his cheek; his eyes would not stop watering. The Judge chuckled as he felt around in his breast pocket. He swallowed and looked back up at the Judge, those icy eyes staring right through him. She may have had the same doctor as Erik Satie, whose advice to patients was: He shook his head and cleared his throught. This is usually done to discourage people from smoking. Gilbert Alter-Gilbert is a critic, translator, and literary historian whose work has appeared in numerous magazines and journals.

He had a gun on each hip, a smaller one hanging just under his arm, and a shot gun resting on his shoulder. It is exquisite, and it leaves one unsatisfied.

Coupe looked up at him. The Judge shook his head. Late one recent evening I pulled a pack of cigarettes from my pocket. Still later the same night, when I picked up the pack once again, I was confronted by the following: Finally - Clean, hygenic toilet seats covers. Com Please post questions in our support forum. When he saw tobacco smoke rising into the air he put the match out between his thumb and forefinger and threw it aside. The number of ladies figuring in these smoke-tinged portraits is considerably smaller than that of their male counterparts; a phenomenon which merely echoes statistical findings that smoking is less prevalent among the distaff sex.

Coupe was suddenly relieved that they did not decide to sit on that side. He reflexively chose the one snuggling in the corner by itself, because it was easiest to reach but, when he saw that it was crooked, he immediately reached for another. His eyes opened and watered as he coughed once, twice, three times, four times. I did this almost without wanting to.