Creative writing bingo

November 8, at 7: Good twist…she casts a spell and drops dead. The last line made gave me a good chuckle! Ah, there, the booze smell. Did you spill on the desserts? I have no idea. Looking at the rack of balls, I saw there were several missing. She opened hand slapped her left, right and left again. Really very good, JR. Greta cried and rolled backwards. I hit the nearest old person I could find.

October 16, at 8: And I thought you used the dialect perfectly, as in, I knew what every word meant from its context. November 10, at 3: They clipped which was perfect for this story— really displayed the wit well. Why, one time, I lifted the top part of my Spam sandwich to put some mustard on and there it was, grey fuzz hidden underneath. I watched her watch the announcer whom was watching the clock. I think, my aha moment brightening up my face.

Nor, apparently, let go of her need to try to run my life. The lines snapped with humor. If writing is your dream, please take the bull by the horns and cultivate your tallent. February 16, at 9: Officer Tracy walked over to Bill. My instructions were simple. He weaves across to her row, pardons himself down it past grizzled glares over clapping hands. Quizzing Gran only supplied me with enough information that this BB seems to win, regularly, too regularly for this little Bingo bash at the Ognib Hall, where usually the punters all share in the wealth of the takings.

Grandmother was the only woman in the clearing. Nothing much in it. In Munich we went sightseeing. Hi Icabu, Thanks for reading and commenting. October 16, at 6: And to go buy house furnishings. Do you want to create and print Crossword Puzzles? The caller rattles off a few more numbers, and, sure enough, Mabel takes out sticker after sticker from under the table in her purse and proceeds to place them on her card.

Email required Address never made public. Adapt the activities as much as you feel necessary to your local cultural context. They shared the stories inside their groups. It is because of men like you, I am proud to call myself an American. Ten minutes later he pulled up to the church where he was met by Police Chief Boyles and five other Huntington police officers. The room bulged with only women, and women who preferred to leave one seat open between them.

You do know that anatomically speaking they only come ahem in a limited quantity? I was immediately scarred. Granny railed in generalities, but I knew Gertrude Meintjies was the her specific concern. I cannot trust anyone else. Interesting the thought process, concerning character creation. It was that snake, Bethel. Could you post the url for the one where your stories are continued?

We were still inside the church, but all others had left. She stopped and turned around. November 9, at They lived long enough to formulate opinions and can back it up based on experience. Every week you help me refine my gramer and I really appreciate it. I recalled the store and the bank. You have to call the numbers tonight, the coven is honoring your Grandpa and my attendance is required.

Sure I had some ideas and had been exploring new approaches, but I hadn't found anything Earth shattering. She sent me to Bingo so that she could get her cougar on. And I am busy playing bridge, so you have to go. First, we all wrote our bits and I demonstrated the activity by reading my own story, then I grouped them, 5 together. Thanks Ishmael, I appreciciate your feedback.

Could I have held out a few more hours that night? The air inside the hall was tense and still as the players settled down into their seats and stared up at the stage in anticipation.

I then armed myself with a neon pink dabber from her arsenal of bingo paraphernalia and set my GPS for the bingo hall. She smiles at him, eyes narrowed, head tipped. And, I did know. If two men want to get married and live life with their chosen spouse, who am I to deny them that right? Come back often to see when it's ready.