Creative writing description of happiness

Creative Writing Prompts About Traveling. Write a thoughtful poem about what the solution to finding happiness might mean. Creative Writing Prompts About Hope. Write a story about a self-destructive character who seems to be obsessed with feeling happy most or all of the time. Write a story about someone suffering from a serious illness i. Write a poem that shines light on a society or group of people that many would assume lives a very unhappy life.

Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Write a poem about the little daily things you to do to help make yourself feel better. Creative Writing Prompts About Home. Children had fun, families laughed and looked forward to tomorrow. Write a story about a character who is suffering from depression and is searching for some type of happiness. What a wonderful emotion to write about, the feeling of happiness.

Personally, I might watch a lighthearted film, read a book, listen to music, take a warm shower, walk outside and so on.

Write a poem about a time when you did something to make someone happy but either it was anonymous or you never heard back from the person. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Write a poem about the most peculiar things you have heard someone try for the ultimate objective of being happy.

Creative Writing Prompts About Peace. Something happens to make them realize that this was all a superficial thought. Yet, life still went on. For instance, I remember when I traveled to South East Asia and saw a village that was living in garbage and was at a poverty level that can be unimaginable to people. Creative Writing Prompts About Nature. Think about this from various phases in your own life and obstacles that you went through.

Write a poem about the things you wish could make people instantly happy. Write a poem that discusses one reason why having positive well-being and happiness are important. Learn how your comment data is processed. Many writers love to put their characters through turmoil, sadness, violence and other emotions that would in no way make anyone happy.

Creative Writing Prompts About Love. Enjoy these fun creative writing prompts about happiness. Focus on the instances where people do find happiness in their lives.

Write a story about a character who decides to focus on making others happy for a week or some other period of time. Write a story about someone who spends the majority of their life thinking they are content and happy. Creative Writing Prompts About Success.