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See if you can name the genre conventions of a typical story structure based on the description below: Phonics - Exclusive Sample. Print English Creative writing.

Revise Writing from personal experience - 'Me, myself and I'. Formal and narrative essays 3. British Broadcasting Corporation Home. Play State of Debate Use your English language skills to bluff your way around the 'law'. Don't show this message again. British Broadcasting Corporation Home. Talon and tush and claw.

In the next lines of the extract, Kipling emphasises a theme relayed to the Jackal in order to attempt to tell us exactly what kind of character he is and he uses a technique to do that. In the questions that follow, there will be a small section of this extract and you will be asked to identify a feature in the extract.

Find out more about page archiving. Test yourself on Recreations of original texts. This resource includes a set of display posters with beautiful Twinkl illustrations each showing a different story setting.

Featuring worksheets and activities on character creation, plot structure, story starters, higher level vocabulary aids and story prompt dice games. Additional resources to support the fantasy project.

Explore, imagine, entertain test. Get in touch Support communities. This great task setter pack includes a fantastic powerpoint that guides you through the process of creating your very own character profile.

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It was the jackal—Tabaqui, the Dish-licker—and the wolves of India despise Tabaqui because he runs about making mischief, and telling tales. Each poster features a different story genre, with a definition, key features, key words, and likely settings list for each. Other resource collections Argument and persuasive writing A useful set of display images in a handy PowerPoint format featuring different story settings. And good luck and strong white teeth go with noble children that they may never forget the hungry in this world.

There are five mats, including one each for sentence starters, words to replace said, words to describe settings, words to describe. Keep me logged in. Learn to construct narratives and produce short works of fiction with our range of Story Writing resources for Key Stage 2 English students.

If you're a subscriber , you can adapt them to make them perfect for your students and your teaching objectives. Using literary and rhetorical devices 6. Useful vocabulary for creating the perfect personal assistant. So you need to be original.

Fill in the boxes! This ingredient is shown in the next few lines of the Jungle Book, when the father starts to speak. Fill in the boxes activity. We think these might be helpful! Test yourself on Writing for moving images. Have a look at some of our hand-picked resources for KS3 Writing.

Don't show this message again. The powerpoint also has editable pages for you to add your ideas to, making this perfect for whole-class teac. KS3 Prose Reading Writing. Our resources provide you with creative teaching ideas and activities for your English class.

Search options Keyword s. Activity Explore, imagine and entertain activity Imagine exploring this! A selection of Teachit resources for teaching descriptive writing. Hand-picked resources Our resources provide you with creative teaching ideas and activities for your English class.

Revise Recreations of original texts. This is where the problem reaches a head, with suspense creating lots of tension for the reader — showing the reader the possible result of what has come before. There are also some key features of story telling and narratives that are important. Using literary and rhetorical devices 6. It takes a moment, and will save you precious time. Activities, adjectives and sketch outline.

More from Explore, imagine and entertain: This is the hour of pride and power,. Structure and paragraphs This pack contains all of our fab story genre display posters! By continuing to browse our site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Create a story based on a job advert and gossip about your school. Night-Song in the Jungle.

Pair them with one of our stick puppet resources for a great way to tell or retell a story! A lovely 'one off' Christmas lesson. A handy set of templates, allowing your children to create their own little mini books.