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We are an Edinburgh based online creative writing school offering novel writing, short story writing, magazine writing and general fiction writing using an interactive online conferencing programme. Makes no announcement, requires no invitation. They may be under controlled assessment conditions or in your exam. Night shrouded the boulders from view; only their jagged tips visible over the pounding waves.

When he stepped between the ropes and into the center of the ring, he owned it. Click on the title of the story to view it. Rahul was so tired from swimming that he slept and did not have his lunch. Lucas turned in shock and stepped backwards, turning his gaze towards May.

Why would someone do this to him? She was born as an angel, shone like wildfire and burned herself". The clock faintly ticks as I scramble to read over the next paragraph.

By then his eyesight was indistinct, and his aim susceptible to inadvertent dips. Click here for story-writing prompts and ideas. Would it be painful? Read more The above preview is unformatted text.

She was about to drift off to sleep when he suddenly jolted awake beside her. Overhead, the storm broke. New Short Story Competition coming soon. He had one particular friend,named Nicholas. Find out more about page archiving. I can't wait for the next email. Print English Creative writing. One day Sammy was …. And in the endless wilderness of that silent …. Nothing would matter anymore. He shifted forwards, his feet brushing the void.

The aim of the school is to encourage and help develop story writing techniques in all who attend our classes. Every morning I wake up, make coffee, and get the paper. Her heart thudded against her chest as she repeated herself—over and over. Short Short Stories Competition: I am sure I will go back frequently to review them for reference during many of my future writing projects. Their trawlers were missing from the …. The other passengers waiting on the subway …. Trying to repress the sobs that racked her slight frame, she ran.

You can join from anywhere in the world to participate in our creative writing courses Writingclasses is celebrating 10 years of online teaching. A thick violet sky quivers at the seam where Heaven and Earth meet. Going to the gym …. Despite the building's apparent age this door unlike all the others opened without the expected creak or the "old cobweb ….

This page is best viewed in an up-to-date web browser with style sheets CSS enabled. One morning at the start of my shift I was detailed to accompany a member of the CID to a …. My father had died of lung cancer and my mother was left alone to take care of us. The same damn people all the time, with the …. All the while they are circling us all bloody …. It was a magical night.

Rain hammered against the rocks, giving them a treacherous, glossy sheen. She hoped he would continue watering …. Her lungs burnt and her breath caught in her throat. Then with that, the storm had come…and gone. How is a key …. Going to the gym … The Secret Killer. I left in such a hurry. It glided at a great speed but a rhythmic pace on the empty road. Her head was pushed forward from the impact of the bullet as the gunman shoved … Toxic Gunk in Washington D.

Depending on the exam board your school follows, you will have different creative writing tasks to do. Don't have an account yet? How not to hunt leopards. So we get together and try to come up with a way out. Want to read the rest? She leaned towards the wind, her skin dull and sore. She wanted to scream, but she needed to keep going. Links Bitesize Factmaster Play against the clock in this fun, fast-paced game on Facebook.

His features twisted in sorrow before returning to an expression as blank as a white canvas. But when I step outside, I see no paper, but a package. Through his thin t-shirt, the cold stabbed uncomfortably at his skin—like being pricked repeatedly by the thorn of a rose. This storm, this storm is going to take me away. She knew it by heart. Being alone I am not afraid of.

She was a lovely young woman, recently out ….