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Creating buffer zones near farms and roads is another possible way to prevent nutrients from traveling too far. Once translocated to lakes, the extraction of phosphate into water is slow, hence the difficulty of reversing the effects of eutrophication.

Why don't you join her? Watch this animation showing the formation of meanders and an ox-bow lake Discover the unseen world in a river Find out about streams and tributaries Watch a video about floodplains and sandbanks. In this laboratory you will: We call this hydro-electricity because it is generated from water.

Join him and learn about the different parts of the universe. Will you partner with them? Do you know what these are? Teaching and learning, as well as assessing and reporting student achievement, is directly related … Read More. Toxic Cyanobacteria in Water: What is heat stroke? Basic Plant Structure Concept 2: Paolo works in a pizzeria. Jack discovers that bacteria are rotting a ship away at the bottom of the ocean.

Enhanced growth of aquatic vegetation or phytoplankton and algal blooms disrupts normal functioning of the ecosystem, causing a variety of problems such as a lack of oxygen needed for fish and shellfish to survive.

Alex and Foxy White are walking around the animals and finding out about their habitats. Does a rainbow look the same to everyone? Lunar Cycle A crescent and waxing gibbous will run you around in circles. California - The 7 Life Processes Johny is a crab fisherman. The trees grow shorter in cloud forests due to the cooler temperatures but there are more ferns and epiphytic plants a plant that grows on top of another than in lowland rainforest as there is more moisture. Mariven lives on Barbados and would love to take you on a diving adventure.

She is visiting a Viking museum and needs your help to learn everything about rocks. Aaylah is learning how to group different plants. Bermuda is a mysterious place. Global Warming may be a big problem, but can you make a difference? What do you know about the water cycle? These ancient giants have fought their way to the top. What is a "Halo"? Join Captain Finn on his fishing trip and learn about where sounds come from. The role of the public is a major factor for the effective prevention of eutrophication.

Laws regulating the discharge and treatment of sewage have led to dramatic nutrient reductions to surrounding ecosystems, [20] but it is generally agreed that a policy regulating agricultural use of fertilizer and animal waste must be imposed.

Journal of Soil and Water Conservation. For help with a project on Rivers please visit our Geography page. Help Emilie keep the winery stable and sturdy. Sarah and Finn are finding out how light travels. What is our climate system? He has some trouble with his work! Rivers can be long or short, wide or narrow and they often join together on their way downstream to make bigger rivers. What is a chroma-key? These curves are called meanders. Join Marcus on his trip to the London museum and find out everything on the planets in our solar system!

How Do Guard Cells Function? Visit the Waterways Museum in Gloucester to learn more about rivers and canals See the National Waterways Museum in Cheshire Take a walk along your local river and see all the wildlife along it! Agneta lives in Iceland and loves rocks.

Want to join them in this Mexican Diner? Where can wildfires occur? Studies conducted in the Experimental Lakes Area in Ontario have shown a relationship between the addition of phosphorus and the rate of eutrophication.

What is a hurricane? What are the differences between a hurricane and a typhoon? Meet Hanale and spend a day on the beach together.

Trees take on strange shapes and strategies to survive in conditions that would kill most temperate species.

A crescent and waxing gibbous will run you around in circles. Help Atua learn about how blood works and what our circulatory system has to do with this. How many volcanoes are there? Valence and Covalent Bonding Concept 3: At the research center of his mom you will help Peter to name constellations and learn about the characteristics of stars. Mediterranean Sea — Landforms Learn about different types of landforms as you join Aldo on his quest. Feedback Control of the lac Operon Concept 9: