Que quiere decir doing homework

English Ladies and gentlemen, Council and Commission, Madam High Representative, unfortunately there is no lack of homework for you. English You undoubtedly did your homework.

Today I'll show you how to make your own website. Estoy ocupado haciendo los preparativos para la fiesta. Haz lo que te digo. That hairstyle makes you look older. Hice la comida de mis hijos. Les hizo dos semanas manejar a California. English Unfortunately, governments who have failed to do their homework and behaved like prodigal sons will not find themselves in such a fortunate position. Don't act the fool at school! The pain made my life a misery.

English Surely, it is not too much to expect each individual to have done enough homework to be able to demonstrate that they have mastered their brief. English Simplify homework , budgets, and other family tasks. Para ello es necesario igualmente que todos los Estados miembros hagan sus deberes. Don't act the fool with me. Have you done your homework? English The question is whether the Heads of State and Government of the European Union have been doing their homework too.

English It is now up to the Member States to do their homework so that the European Union can make the necessary contribution to this. English It is for that reason that we gave the agencies some homework to do before they could make use of all the money allocated to them.

It took them two weeks to drive to California. En cambio, si tu dices: His dream was to become a dentist. Se dice que el doctor hace hasta seis cifras. What do you like to do? English "Shouldn't you have gotten your homework last night? English he's done his homework for the test.

English It is not as if we Europeans had all done our homework. I thought there was nobody at home. Entra a tu cuenta. Esta mal escrito Do you do your homework? She made herself a silk dress. English It is true that the Council still has some homework to do before freedom of movement can become a reality.

El dolor hizo mi vida miserable. He made her cry. Si quieres preguntar en pasado entonces preguntas algo aqui: We can cover more distance if we leave at night. My little brother earned a fortune selling lemonade. Tiene un error No es clara Le faltan traducciones Le faltan conjugaciones Otros comentarios.

Se hizo un vestido de seda. I'm busy making preparations for the party. Do as I say. English This is the homework which we have to do. Esta ultima es correcta pero regularmente se usa esta: English Even if Russia does its homework , we cannot go on assuming that IMF policy will automatically put things right. We did miles on the last vacation.

No se si lo que quieres decir es: Did you do your homework? Estos enunciados provienen de fuentes externas y pueden ser poco precisos. Don't pretend to be a saint; you make mistakes, too. Hizo una nueva amiga en el colegio. They say the doctor makes at least six figures. It's cold in winter. Sociedad y cultura Idiomas. Did you finish your homework?

You are doing your homework- Estas haciendo tu tarea si la puedes cambiar a la forma de pregunta: Mi hermanito hizo una fortuna vendiendo limonada.

Siento decirles queridos amigos que la unica que tiene la idea es mafufa. No te hagas el tonto conmigo. Notificar abuso Creo que este comentario infringe las Normas de la comunidad. English That does not excuse them from the homework that needs to be done in these countries, with which we would be happy to assist them.

You do your homework — haz tu tarea esta en forma imperativa lo cual quiere decir que estas mandando a alguien a hacer algo.