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Each one has their own storyline to follow. What do you make of its method for handling the passage of time? Nostalgia Graphics, Dystopia New Releases: Life simulators without stories are rarely ever engaging for long periods of time. A meter with a percentage is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. Pixel Animations, Heroine Character Pack 2. That aspect of the game is heavily modeled after Rune Factory.

Tips And Tricks Tutorials Uncategorized. Or the woman that mistakes Reniat for a wandering hobo … and her argumentation is actually pretty sound.

Your weapons and armor also take up space and these have to be watched closely. She begins to work on its behalf while also trying to make a name for herself. Homework Salesman by Diedrupo and Ronove. However, those who tend to lose themselves in games with a lot of possible activities will feel right at home.

Nothing like kicking back after killing some rabbits. However, there are plenty of other little details to explore. In the first part , we got into the basic scenario of the game and the masterful day-to-day system that anchors it. What is your quest? If it gets too beat up, you need to repair it back in town. Announcements Events Games Resources. You can also create new weapons and plenty of other items. Sound off in the comments. The day-to-day system is the heart of this game and, in my opinion, its most impressive mechanic.

So what takes up all that time? As the days go on, more details about the setting and characters emerge, but in general, you make your own story with this game. RPG Maker conventional wisdom says not to overload your game with mechanics or it will become unwieldy and hard for the player to keep track of. As she adventures around the land, heroine Reniat Leminghouse and whichever companions she has with her at the moment have to be careful about how many trinkets and goodies they acquire.

The interface also has a few cute little surprises as you navigate it. All the important characters have faces that are full of personality and different emotions particularly Reniat. Comments on this entry are closed. Homework Salesman using a simple crafting system that will feel familiar to those who have played a lot of RPG Maker games. Not only is there a main story but there are twenty townsfolk you can befriend and view scenes with as your friendship level increases. This seems like quite a interesting RPG game, the map area designs are very nice also.

Pixel Animations, Heroine Character Pack 2. If Xebec can walk through that straight corridor, he might pass the sobriety test. What should we review next? Composer Joel Steudler Previous post: If this sort of open-ended adventure is your cup of tea, this game delivers the goods. There are also enchantments that can be placed on items to make them extra useful. How many hours have you sunk into Homework Salesman?

And yes, you can totally make Zathy win the contest. Like a pie-making contest that Reniat can be one of the judges of actually she just wandered in and likes pie , a contest between two housewifes and … Zathy. Not just a dog, an EMO dog complete with a scarf! A bit late, but I just want to add that there are a lot of small things there that make one smile. Contact us Affiliate Program. At least not the kind you might be used to. Announcements Events Games Resources.

What is your name? Contact us Affiliate Program. Homework Salesman pulls it off and makes it look effortless. It gives you an impressive demonstration of what RPG Maker is capable of. A lot of exploring and quests. Tips And Tricks Tutorials Uncategorized. Homework Salesman by Diedrupo and Ronove Summary: Any suggestions for balancing a lot of systems?

During her adventures, she can travel with a few equally quirky companions, such as the meek little blond boy Eagen or the hapless alcoholic mercenary Xebec. It sounds like a lot, but after a few days of gathering herbs and monster drops, that fills up quickly. This is part one of a two-part review. Nostalgia Graphics, Dystopia New Releases: Comments on this entry are closed.

Sound off in the comments! Instead, everything looks bright, colorful and lighthearted to match the breezy tone of the game.